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Ankuram is the beginning of every life and we believe every beginning needs to be beautiful. With the vision to find permanent solutions for problems in the society through education in mind, ‘Ankuram Educational Trust’ was established. The trust was founded in 2018, by a group of teachers who have been trying to revolutionize every aspect of education and the learning process. The trust shall provide a platform for the inception of ideas, and encourage collaborative work.

Under the umbrella of the Trust, Learner focused Academic Skill Development Institute by the name, ‘10students coaching class’, a Non-Profit Organisation called ‘Ankuram 360°’ and next gen of schooling system ‘ESRA’ have been established and are functioning successfully toward the vision.


  • To improve the education system by restructuring it.
  • To utilize effective and improved teaching methods by incorporating the most updated and scientifically proven methods.
  • To provide a platform for conducting research in the field of education.
  • To promote improved and innovative teaching methods.
  • To empower the academic community through interactive activities and collaborations.

10Students Coaching Class

It is a Learner focused Academic Skill Development Institute. As unique as its name, the venture only takes 10 Students per batch and helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses most effectively. From its inception it has helped children academically along with which it nurtures their skills to become Independent learners. The coaching class became a success the very first year, not only with 100% results but also trained students to think and solve Memory, Analytical, Creative and Critical level questions, based on the KVAR system.

Ankuram 360°

Ankuram educational trust branched out and established a nonprofit organization called “Ankuram 360º”. It is a volunteer based nonprofit organization with the vision to bring together a group of people who are passionate about building and empowering the academic community. It has been organizing National and International level seminars, webinars, discussion forums, workshops and hands-on interactive sessions with professionals and experts from different fields for the benefit of educators, students, parents and the general public and hence influencing the course of the future generation.


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