Our Educators

Like Scott Hayden said "Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together". The team of ESRA consists of an enthusiastic group of educators who are passionate about teaching and enjoy the process of learning as much as they love teaching.

Our specially trained team of educators strongly believe in using unconventional and innovative teaching methods for effective learning experiences for the students. Our team consists of enthusiastic, passionate professionals who are highly knowledgeable and creative and are hand picked to nurture the next generation of learners. They are teachers by choice and are passionate about providing quality education and bringing about positive changes to the learners academic life. The teachers undergo periodic learning and unlearning processes to polish their niche for teaching. Our teachers are continually mentored by experts, and are updated with recent teaching training methodology.

Empowering independent learning

We believe that each student who finishes their formal education should become independent enough to choose their careers with confidence. ESRA believes that both parents and teachers need to be progressively unnecessary for the student. This is the only way we can empower our youth and our nation. As learning is a lifelong process, education must be structured to encourage the students to think and learn independently. With the introduction of the KVAR system and PHSD program, ESRA takes a step forward in inculcating the love of learning in students. We believe that by encouraging critical thinking and through solid teamwork between the teacher and a student we can uplift the learning process of the student, thereby empowering the student.

Add-on support system

To ensure effective communication between the students and their educators we maintain a low teacher to student ratio. All children are also provided with individual mentors. ESRA also has a panel of Psychologists with the aim to provide student and teachers continued support to make learning more encouraging and fruitful. Students will also be provided with individual counselling help need be of any emotional support.

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